Marcus’ love Affair with Starbucks (as told by his mom, Atty. Mendoza)

2008. My first born’s love affair with Starbucks started when he was inside my tummy. From March to July 2008 I would walk about 6 blocks from the house to Starbucks Tomas Morato at 7 in the morning. I ditched caffeinated drinks as soon as I knew I was pregnant, but I couldn’t resist the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the noise made by the blender while the barista prepared a frappucino. I was a permanent fixture in this Starbucks branch for 4 months, staying there for at least 8 hours or until the crowd becomes unfriendly to bar reviewees. 

September 2008. I gave birth to Marcus 2 weeks before the bar exam. My poor boy (and my mom who was taking care of him) had probably endured sleepless nights the entire month… I was drinking at least 2 venti sized iced mocha or latte or caramel machiatto everyday just to get by pre-week… Right after the bar exam Marcus’ first day out was at Shangri-la mall. While mom and dad watched a movie, Marcus stayed at Starbucks with grandma and auntie ged (that’s me!haha). I was not surprised that we first took a picture of him smiling the minute we stepped inside the coffee shop.

At 4 months old, Raj would bring Marcus and I along whenever he had meetings outside of his office and Starbucks would be the place for us. At 6 months old, Marcus received his first Starbucks coupons from Starbucks Mc Home Depot… Why? Because Raj almost got into a fist-fight with the Starbucks security guard who asked grandma and Marcus to just wait for us outside of the coffee shop because Marcus wouldn’t stop crying… To apologize for the inconvenience caused, Starbucks management gave us free coupons and dismissed the cold-hearted security guard from service. At 10 months old, “Starbucks” was one of Marcus’ first words. He recognized the sign and yes, the bragging mom would always point at the sign whenever I was in line to buy coffee and would always leave the baristas in awe ;-) 

2011. Now 2 years and 10 months old, whenever we we’d go the mall, Marcus would ask me: “Mom aren’t we going to Starbucks?” He’d save our table and while I’m waiting for my drink Marcus would shout: “Mom, don’t forget my drink!” I would then ask that his water be placed in a tall plastic starbucks cup so he’s have his own “starbucks drink”… We would then have a long chat about his wants and needs and his itenerary for the day over our own starbucks beverages… 

Fast forward 20 years from now, I hope the boy would continue his love affair with Starbucks and still take his mom out for coffee ;-)

Bestfriends :)

who would have thought that being malandi would gain me a bestie? :D HAHA